Burton Green Bonus

Welcome to the Spring Term 2018 activities for Burton Green Bonus!

Don’t forget, BGB can be reached between 7 am - 7 pm each day, by calling or texting Mrs Thompson on 07580 253402, should you have any queries. All contact regarding activities must come via Mrs Thompson and not directly to the providers.

Below you will find a double-sided form on which you can book any before or after school activities that you may wish your child(ren) to attend for the whole of the Spring Term 2017, in addition to a copy of the behaviour contract:

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis, therefore, if you are reliant on activities for necessary childcare, please make sure your booking form and payment are received promptly and is in full for the whole term. Ideally, booking forms and payments need to be returned by 15th December 2017 latest.


May be made via School Money (online), cheques (payable to Warwickshire County Council), cash or childcare vouchers. If you are paying with Childcare vouchers kindly note that the whole payment must be made at the time of booking, BG Bonus is unable to take vouchers in instalments.

Late Pick Up Policy

Where after-school activities run to 5.00pm, if children are late being picked up from these sessions, Burton Green Bonus will charge an additional £1.00 per minute from 5.10 pm.


Please note that any credits you may have accrued in the Autumn Term will be deducted on receipt of the Spring Term Booking Form.

Don’t forget to use them as they cannot be carried over to another term’s booking.