Burton Green Bonus

Welcome to the Autumn Term 2016 activities for Burton Green Bonus!

Don’t forget, BGB can be reached between 7 am - 7 pm each day, by calling or texting Mrs Thompson on 07580 253402, should you have any queries. All contact regarding activities must come via Mrs Thompson and not directly to the providers.

Below you will find a double-sided form on which you can book any before or after school activities that you may wish your child(ren) to attend for the whole of the Autumn Term 2016, in addition to a copy of the behaviour contract:

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis, therefore, if you are reliant on activities for necessary childcare, please make sure your booking form and payment are received promptly and is in full for the whole term. Ideally, booking forms and payments need to be returned by 20th July 2016 latest.


May be made via School Money (online), cheques (payable to Warwickshire County Council), cash or childcare vouchers. If you are paying with Childcare vouchers kindly note that the whole payment must be made at the time of booking, BG Bonus is unable to take vouchers in instalments.

Late Pick Up Policy

Where after-school activities run to 5.00pm, if children are late being picked up from these sessions, Burton Green Bonus will charge an additional £1.00 per minute from 5.10 pm.


Please note that you may have a credit slip attached to your child’s booking form. This is a reimbursement to you for any cancellations to activities that you have already paid for during the Summer Term 2016. Please deduct the credit amount from the total amount owing for the Autumn Term 2016.

Don’t forget to use them as they cannot be carried over to another term’s booking.

Photographic/Video Consent

Also attached is a generic consent form for all Burton Green Bonus Performances for you to sign and return to the school office. This will apply to all performances throughout the 2016/17 academic year.

Early Risers (Reception - Year 6, available every day of the school week)

Fun and games and breakfast too! There are 3 options available:

  1. 8.00 – 8.40 am to include breakfast (toast & cereal),
  2. 8.00 – 8.40 am without breakfast or 
  3. 8.25 – 8.40 early drop-off without breakfast.

Breakfast will not be served after 8.20 am so please make sure your child arrives in plenty of time.

Please note: There is no breakfast option on a Tuesday.


Spanish (Reception - Year 6, during the school day) Availability of 14 places for KS 1 & for KS 2.

Fun Spanish for children! Learn a new language through play with songs, games and flashcards. Familiarises children with the Spanish language by teaching basic vocabulary and phrases.
First session: 5th September, Last session: 12 December.

Steel Pans (Year 2 - Year 6, during the school day)

Children already attending Steel Pans will have priority.
Any children wishing to attend for the first time will automatically be put on a waiting list until places become available (please do not pay for your child until you are informed of their place).
First Session: 12th September, Last session: 12th December. Performance at the School Christmas Carol Service.

Premier Active Football (Year 1 - Year 6, 3.30-5.00pm)

Come along and improve your techniques and silky skills in the Beautiful Game!
First Session: 5th September, Last session: 12th December.

Sally and Stuff (Reception - Year 4, 3.30-5.00pm) Availability of 16 places

This is a creative activity and children will be creating pots and moneyboxes to bags and bunting! They will learn to create masterpieces using clay, textiles, printing, paper and paint.
This is only running for the first half of the term – First session: 5th September, Last session: 17th October.


Jennifer Kelly Dance (Year 1 - Year 6, 8.00-8.40am)

Learn all the moves including Street Dance, Modern, Jazz and Hip Hop! This is a whole term commitment as children will be learning a routine ready for the end of term performance.
First session: 13th September, Last session & Performance date – 13th December.

Premier Active Multisports (Year 1 - Year 6, 3.30-5.00pm)

Learn a new sport almost every week using different skills and challenges!
First session: 6th September, Last session: 13th December.

Glow Club Animation (Years 4, 5 & 6, 3.30-5.00 pm) Availability of 15 places

Create your own stories, worlds and characters with Glow Club Animation!
You will be introduced to traditional animation techniques including character design, story-boarding, model-making, filming & editing. Learn fun & accessible drawing techniques used in film & television. Bring your characters to life using pixilation, stop motion & cutout animation. Get hands-on using industry standard software & equipment, as well as building your own set and models.
First session: 6th September, Last session: 13th December.


High 5 Netball (Years 5 & 6, 3.30-5.00pm) Availability of 15 places

If you enjoy ball skills and want to be part of a team then come and join netball. High 5 is fast, furious and exciting AND it’s not just for girls! Run for us by our very own Mrs Watts.
First session: 14th September, Last session: 25th November.

Chess (Years 4,5 & 6, 3.30-4.30 pm) Availability of 10 places

For all you budding Chess enthusiasts!
First session: 14th September, Last session: 14th December.


Glow-Club Drama (Year 3 - Year 6, 3.30-5pm) Availability of 20 places

This incorporates all aspects of theatre and performance. Children develop new skills and have fun learning all about what happens both on and off stage; from musical theatre, physical theatre and storytelling to set design, script-writing, prop-building and even marketing.
First session: 8th September, Last session & Performance: 1st December.

Football (Years 5 & 6, 3.30 -4.30 pm) Availability of 10 places

Ms James is running this free after school activity for all our budding footballers.
First session: 8 September, Last session: 1 December.


Bayleaf Cookery School (Reception - Year 6, 3.30-4.15pm) Availability 14 places

Many children would love to cook with their parents but there’s not enough time to do it. The children are given the opportunity to learn about and practise cookery – and you don’t have to do the washing up! No aprons or ingredients required!
First session: 16th September, Last session: 9th December.

Cross Country (Years 5 & 6, 3.30 – 4.15 pm) Availability 20 places

Come along and start training for the new season with Ms James.
First session: 9th September, Last session: 2nd December.